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Production capacity

1) material forming, pressing, cutting

metal sheet cutting in width of max. 10 mm

cold press works on knuckle joint press machines GK600 and LLR250 and on grinding press machines 40-160 tons incl. placing (processing coil material of 300/2 mm and max. 1000 kg)

metal cold drawing on holdline hydraulic press 100t and 160t

deep metal drawing on Dieffenbacher DT II 320/200 double-action hydraulic press, handling space 1500/1000/1100 mm

2) surface refinement

grinding, brushing and high-polishing (manually or on semi-automatic machines)

grinding and brushing of pipes and rectangular profiles

polishing of small components in cylinder grinding machine

3) heat processing

heat processing of noble metals in Birlec electric furnace with protective atmosphere

heat processing of construction and instrument steel in electric resistance furnace

4) welding

resistance welding machine processing (to dull or sharp surface)

arc welding in protective atmosphere (manually or on WIG/TIG machines)