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Gastro disinfection

Carry out spatial disinfection yourself in your operation. Don't wait for an expensive service, with our disinfectants you can do everything yourself, quickly and cheaply.

We offer products for spatial disinfection using ULV fogging equipment and chemistry intended for common areas, such as hospitals, warehouses, production areas, canteens, changing rooms, offices, schools, kindergartens, doctor's offices, kitchens...

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Disinfectant AIRSAN-3D - 5 liters - 5% solution

Disinfectant AIRSAN-3D - 5 liters - 5% solution

€ 57.04 € 57.04
€ 47.14 without VAT

What is spatial disinfection:

Disinfection using the product AIRSAN-3D, which you apply using a "fogging" ULV device. The device creates a mist consisting of micro-droplets of 10-50 µm in the entire space of the room, which "land" on all surfaces within 15 minutes and thoroughly treat all surfaces, including places that are inaccessible during normal cleaning. After aerosol application, people can return to a sanitized, ventilated room 1-2 hours after application. AIRSAN-3D is a polymer product combined with a quaternary ammonium base.


  • chlorine-free - does not oxidize, corrode or erode materials
  • alcohol-free (contains neither alcohols nor aldehydes) – does not dry
  • does not flow
  • without hydrogen peroxide content - without bleaching effect on textiles
  • non-toxic to the health of humans, animals and plants, it is not listed as a dangerous substance.